Communications and Engagement Committee Archive 2022

Chair: Councillor Nick Craker

Vice Chair: Annette Lee-Julian

Members: Councillors David Ambler, David Braithwaite, Rachel Brooks, Nick Craker, Richard Dorling,  Annette Lee-Julian and Naomi Taylor. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are Ex Officio Members of all Committees with Voting Rights.

This committee is administered by Deputy Town Clerk, Yvette Hayward who can be contacted on

The Communications and Engagement Committee meets every two months, and is responsible for the management of the website, social media, council publications, the operation of the Tourist Information Centre, all aspects of tourism in the town, engagement with the public, the planning of civic events, signage within the town and the strategic management of the museum.

The current objectives it has set for 2022/2023 are:

  1. Promote walking and cycling in and around Liskeard, including reviewing and improving signage and establishing new trails
  2. To continue to support and enhance existing events and new activities
  3. Work with youth organisations and continue to support the youth council and improve collaboration with young people
  4. Build on the improved accessibility at the Public Hall to work with others to promote inclusivity and accessibility in Liskeard

Terms of Reference

Communications & Engagement Terms of Reference 2019

Museum Terms of Reference 24 Jan 2017

PDF versions of agendas and minutes are available below – the signed originals are held at the Town Council office and can be inspected by the public.