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If you have a question for your Town Councillor, an issue you wish to raise, a bright idea that might improve the town, or simply want to find out more about what the Town Council is doing, talk to us.

Councillor Christina Whitty


Christina Whitty
24 Stephens Road, Liskeard PL14 3SX
01579 345407 (Town Council office weekdays 9am – 1pm)

I was born in Liskeard at Passmore Edwards Nursing Home, as was my sister and 1 of my 5 brothers.

I grew up in Dobwalls and went to School there, followed by Liskeard Comprehensive and then Plymouth Catering College.  My first job at 14 years old was in Dobwalls village shop.  Whilst at College worked at Webbs Hotel and after qualifying in my chosen field I continued to work there until it closed in 1989.  I then went to work at the Fountain Hotel, followed by Pengover Home and then Kilmar House.  After this I worked at the Echo Centre, a centre for adults with learning disabilities, for 20 years until I retired at Christmas 2015.

I have three children and while they were growing up I supported them in their chosen organisations, becoming a Cub Leader for 20 years and Sergeant Instructor for Liskeard Army Cadets for 10 years.

I am very proud to be a resident of Liskeard and I have served on the Town Council for 14 years.

I am a member of other organisations in Liskeard and I would like to think I am able to support all of our wonderful community.

Image of Liskeard Town Councillor Julian Smith

Deputy Mayor

Julian Smith
Tregenna, Dobsons Close, Callington Road, Liskeard, PL14 3HB
01579 228612
07802 688 205

I am quite new to Liskeard and I hope I can bring some fresh ideas to blend with the traditional, established ways to make the very best use of the resources and services available to Liskeard townspeople through the Town Council.

Having worked in senior posts most of my life in large corporate industry, I now run my own business services company.  I have previously been a Chairman of School Governors and Chairman of one of the largest children’s football clubs in Buckinghamshire.

Although I have only lived in Cornwall a year, my family has been holidaying here for over 35 years and I am very familiar with the county.

My personal interests are sailing, photography and model railways.



Tracy Adams

c/o Liskeard Town Council, 3/5 West Street, Liskeard, PL14 6BW
01579 345407 (Town Council office weekdays 9am – 1pm)

David Braithwaite
c/o Liskeard Town Council, 3/5 West Street, Liskeard, PL14 6BW

Rachel Brooks
c/o Liskeard Town Council, 3/5 West Street, Liskeard, PL14 6BW
01579 345407 (Town Council office weekdays 9am – 1pm)

The thing I most enjoy about being on the Town Council is working with a very wide variety of people and organisations to get things done.

I have been a Town Councillor since 2013 and was Mayor from 2019-2021.

During this time I worked hard to get more investment for Liskeard. We successfully applied for European funding, match funded by Cornwall Council, for the Market Makers project to support local craftspeople and people not in employment and build a stronger community of makers locally. We also got funding to look at how to make it safer and easier to walk and cycle around town and are now looking for major grant funding to make it happen.

I’m continuing to work on these issues as well as coordinating town events such as Liskeard Unlocked and Nadelik Lyskerrys/Liskeard Cornish Christmas.

Before joining the Town Council I worked in a range of jobs helping the NHS and voluntary organisations improve services and how they are managed. I moved with my family to Liskeard in 2005 and my son attended local schools.

Aside from the Town Council, I have a lot of fun working with a like-minded group to organise the 3 Bags Full Wool Market and Woolly Workshops in Liskeard every autumn. I relax by knitting and crocheting quite well and doing Tai Chi quite badly.

Kerry Cassidy
1 Granite Way, Liskeard, PL14 6FS
07970 925 533

Councillor Simon Cassidy

Simon Cassidy
5 Whitley Grange, Liskeard, PL14 6DQ
01579 347976
07967 096306

On arriving in Liskeard I was taken aback at the warm welcome and support I received from all the people I met, and, finding some spare time on my hands I wanted to repay that debt by giving something back to the people of Liskeard.

Originally hailing from Cumbria, I have worked in the Rail Industry for the last 23 years.

I have two boys aged 11 and 6, the youngest attends school in Liskeard.

I became a Councillor in 2018 and was elected Mayor in May 2021

I  am passionate about improving both Community Engagement between Council and Community and Economic Development to support the growth of Liskeard and to ensure future prosperity for all.

Nick Craker

Nick Craker
10 Meadowsweet Close, Liskeard, PL14 6FR
07932 846 278

I was elected as the Cornwall Councillor for the old Liskeard North division in 2017 aged just 25. When the boundaries changed in 2021, I was re-elected to the new Liskeard Central division on Cornwall Council.

I care passionately about Liskeard and take a strong interest in planning, economic development and enhancing the environment of our town. Leaving the natural environment in a better state than that which we have inherited is something I think is incredibly important.

In my spare time I enjoy exploring new walks in the beautiful countryside that surrounds Liskeard with my cocker spaniel and also enjoy dinghy sailing at Siblyback lake which I have done for many years.

photo of Councillor Richard Dorling

Richard Dorling
Trussel Barn, St Keyne, Liskeard, PL14 4QL
(Town Council office weekdays 9am – 1pm)

Richard moved to Liskeard in 2015 and served on St Keyne Parish Council before joining Liskeard Town Council in 2021.

He has a background in biology having gained an Applied Biology and Genetics degree and went on to have a career managing clinical trial IT projects. In his spare time he enjoys walking his two labradors, keeping abreast of current affairs and gardening. He is also a volunteer at the Liskeard Community Hub.

On behalf of the Town Council Richard is piloting a herbicide free trial which, if successful, it is hoped that Liskeard will become a herbicide free town protecting residents health and benefitting the environment.

Richard is also working toward Liskeard taking part in the ‘Adopt-a-Street’ initiative to foster civic pride and ensure streets are properly maintained. His focus is to ensure Liskeard continues to offer a clean, healthy and vibrant location for residents and businesses.

Ian Goldsworthy
Holywell Orchard, Pengover Road, Liskeard PL14 3NW
07970 075 277

I’ve been a Liskeard resident all my life. I attended St Martin’s and Liskeard School before going to work in our family business, HE Goldsworthy, which is based on Market Street in the heart of Liskeard.  Through my work I meet many people from the town and the surrounding area which helps to give me an insight into what residents think of the Town and what the Town Council should do.

Previously, I was Chair the Facilities Committee which manages the Town Council’s properties.  The Council works hard to maintain and improve its buildings and open spaces.  The recent improvements to the facilities and accessibility at the Public Hall are a good example of this work.  I look forward to supporting the Council as it begins to work towards improving the Towns Parks and Open Spaces.

Councillor Annette Lee-Julian

Annette Lee-Julian
19 Pengover Close, Liskeard, PL14 3NZ
07546 396 319

Hello I am Annette Lee-Julian a Labour Councillor for the Liskeard Central ward. I have lived in Liskeard for thirty nine years. I have two grown up children aged 23 and 22 who attended St Martin’s C of E School and Liskeard School and Community College. I was a Parent Governor for four years and really enjoyed being involved in helping them.

I have seen a lot of changes in Liskeard over the years and how the town has been affected by economic difficulties. This has impacted on local businesses, housing, social care for adults and children, education, and NHS services, all the areas which I would like to see improve. I am very passionate about our town and its history, and we need to preserve all our heritage buildings, gardens, parks and landmarks. We need to all work together to build up our town and supporting local businesses, charities and services.

I am one of the admins and help maintain the Liskeard page on Facebook. I used to attend The Echo Centre, which is a day centre for physical disabled people. I also enjoy catching up with the ladies at the Liskeard knitter and natter group.

I set up a support group called Cornwall CMT Group which is a support group for anyone affected by this Neuromuscular condition. My daughter and I manage, coach and play with Cornwall Powerchair Football Club, it’s an inclusive sport for anyone with a physical disability. I am also Vice Chair person for the South West Regional Powerchair Football League.

I would like to be a voice for everyone on the Town Council. It’s important you have someone to represent you and pass on your views.

Vice chair for C&E committee.
I am also on the following committees Planning and Facilities

Jane Pascoe
Churchtown Farm, St. Keyne, Liskeard PL14 4RJ
01579 348442
07484 315 327

Although not born in Liskeard Jane feels it’s where she belongs.  She has owned businesses in the town for over 40 years, and believes in making the town centre more attractive to shoppers and visitors.

One of Jane’s priorities is bringing economic investment into South East Cornwall to create much needed employment.

She has served on the Liskeard Town Forum, is on the Chamber of Commerce, a Secretary of the Liskeard Show and is also now a Cornwall Councillor representing the best interests of Liskeard West and Dobwalls.

Tony Powell
c/o Liskeard Town Council, 3/5 West Street, Liskeard, PL14 6BW
01579 345213

Tony joined the Town Council in 1995. Since then he has also served as a  County and District Councillor at various times and is a former leader of Caradon District Council.

Tony’s family live in Liskeard and he has served as Mayor on five occasions.


Lori Reid
c/o Liskeard Town Council, 3/5 West Street, Liskeard, PL14 6BW
01579 345407 (Town Council office weekdays 9am – 1pm)

I am a writer and broadcaster and have lived in Liskeard with my family for over thirty years. My fondest memories are of my children growing up here in Cornwall in a safe environment, going to the local schools and getting involved in the various activities we are so lucky to have available to us in this lovely part of the world. It was while I was on the Town Council from the early Noughties through to 2013 that I was part of the research team working on The Liskeard Community Strategic Plan which I designed and edited in 2008. I owe a great debt to the team I worked with on that project for the knowledge I gained about the history of our town, about its institutions, how it works as a collective and about our aspirations for its future. And because I live so close to the centre, I have seen at first-hand the fundamental changes that have affected our town and particularly the high streets over the last four decades. Re-joining the Council in 2021 has re-confirmed my drive to champion our hard-working businesses and retailers who are the life-blood of our local economy, who heroically kept us supplied through the pandemic and upon whom our town’s prosperity depends. Helping to brighten and beautify our town, raising its profile, promoting it as the central hub of South East Cornwall and positioning Liskeard as a Centre of Health and Wellbeing are my long-held aims.

Councillor Naomi Taylor

Naomi Taylor
c/o Liskeard Town Council, 3/5 West Street, Liskeard, PL14 6BW
01579 348905

Naomi grew up in Saltash and was educated at Plymouth High School for Girls. She completed her further education at Duchy College in Stoke Climsland, completing a course in Leisure & Recreation management.

Naomi  moved to Liskeard in 2000 and has lived in the town ever since. She has 2 sons who attend school within Liskeard.

Naomi is currently the Deputy Chair of the Planning committee (and previously Chair), responsible for implementing the Neighbourhood Plan, and takes a strong interest in local development within the town.

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If you wish to book an appointment to talk to a Town Councillor please contact:

Mr Steve Vinson
Town Clerk
3-5 West Street
PL14 6BW
Tel: 01579 345407 (9am – 1pm weekdays, excluding public holidays)

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Councillors are not paid. The Mayor is eligible to draw an allowance (currently £1,500 p.a. 2022/23), other Councillors may claim expenses, such as the cost of travel to attend training or represent the town at civic functions.