Local Government Transparency Code

The Local Government Transparency Code 2015 requires town and parish councils which have a gross annual income or expenditure (whichever is higher) exceeding £200,000 to publish certain information to ensure local people can now see and access data covering; how money is spent, use of assets, decision making and issues important to local people.

In accordance with the Code Liskeard Town Council makes the following information available:

Expenditure exceeding £500

A complete Schedule of Payments showing all payments to be approved by Council can be found under Supporting Documents for each monthly meeting here

Government Procurement Card transactions

This information is also provided in the Schedule of Payments as detailed above.

Procurement information

Details of any contract, commissioned activity, purchase order, framework agreement or any other legally enforceable agreement with a value that exceeds £5,000 will appear here.

2023.24 Contracts & Purchases over £5,000

2022/23 Contracts & Purchases over £5,000

2021/22 Contracts & Purchases over £5,000

2020/21Contracts & Purchases over £5,000

2019/20 Contracts & Purchases over £5,000

Local Authority Land

Here is a list of land and building assets under the control of Liskeard Town Council

2023 – 24 Land & Buildings

Grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations

Here is a list of all grants approved by Liskeard Town Council. Our Grant Awarding Policy and an application form can be found under Key Documents – Policies and procedures.

Grants Approvals 2023-2024

Grants Approvals 2022-2023

Grants Approvals 2021-2022

Social Emergency Fund Grant Approvals 2020-2021

Grant Approvals 2020-2021

Grant Approvals 2019-2020

Grant Approvals 2018-2019

Grant Approvals 2017-2018

Grants Approvals 2016-2017

Organisation Chart

The Town Council currently employs 3 full time and 11 part time staff, headed up by the Town Clerk. The staff structure can be viewed here.

Staff Structure as at 31.3.24

Liskeard Town Council has no employees earning in excess of £50,000.