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Our current North Ward vacancy will be filled by co-option.  The deadline for applications to be received at the Town Council office was 12 noon on 14th February.   Interviews are being arranged with the applicants and the result will be announced in due course.



The Town Council may co-opt as a member any person who is legally qualified to hold such office, and who is willing to serve, provided he or she satisfies at least one of the following qualification categories:-

(a)   is registered as a local government elector for the parish;

(b)   has during the whole of the preceding twelve months occupied as owner or tenant, any land or premises in the parish;

(c)   his/her principal or only place of work during the preceding twelve months has been in the parish;

(d)   had during the whole of the preceding twelve months resided in the parish or within 4.8 km thereof.


Passionate about where you live? Ever considered being a Liskeard Town Councillor? Town Councillors are people elected to the Town Council to represent their local community – you do not need to be a member of a political party. We need all different types of people so that the Town Council reflects the community it serves, so whatever your age, background or skills you could be the perfect person, you just need some time, enthusiasm and commitment.

What’s involved?

The council meets every two months, usually on a Tuesday evening at 7.30pm. In addition, there are four committees (Communications & Engagement, Facilities, Planning and Finance, Economic Development & General Purposes), with most Councillors being members of two of them. These committees also hold meetings every two months, except Planning which meets every 3 weeks. There will then be additional work, dependent on the projects you become involved with. Training is available. The role of a Town Councillor is entirely voluntary and Councillors are not paid for being part of the Town Council.


Further information

What the Town Council Does

Most local services are currently provided by Cornwall Town Council aims 1Council (See Who Does What ). The Town Council has a relatively small budget and limited powers but we want to make the most of what we can do. We can also influence decisions on behalf of the town, and bring together different people and organisations for the good of the town.

You can see the full  aims and objectives by clicking here Aims-and-Objectives 2017-21