Public Hall Refurbishment Project 2018

Tenders are invited from suitably qualified contractors for the improvements and refurbishments to the Liskeard Town Council Public Hall Complex as detailed within the documentation below.

Please ensure that you have downloaded ALL 27 documents starting with this page:

See also any revision documents below

A 2018.04.14 (Tender Invite Covering Letter Rev_A)

and then fully satisfied yourself as to the scope and nature of the works required.

15.1395.02A (Existing Block Plan) A4


MPA – PCI Document inc Appendices revA

Minor_Works_Building_Contract_with_contractor_s_design_2016_Edition Rev_A


CO 2016.06.20 (Asbestos Survey)

BC 2018.04.12 (construction notes & provisional sums rev_B)

BC 2016.12.14 (BC16-02629-COTFPP decision)

BC 2016.11.09 (Fire Officer Comments)

A 2018.04.14 (Tender Return rev_A)

A 2018.04.12 (Specification Rev_A)

A 2018.04.12 (Schedule of Works Rev_A)

A 2018.04.12 (door & ironmongery schedule rev_A)

A 15-1395 Issue Sheet

15399C – Liskeard Town Hall – CALCULATIONS

15399C – 001A – Liskeard Town Hall


15.1395.13G (Scheme Design 1 – First Floor Plan South) A3

15.1395.12C (Scheme Design 1 – Below Stage & WC Floor Plan) A3

15.1395.11E (Scheme Design 1 – Ground Floor Plan) A3

15.1395.10A (Scheme Design 1 – Block Plan) A4

15.1395.08A (Survey as Existing – First Floor Plan North) A3

15.1395.07B (Survey as Existing – First Floor Plan South) A3

15.1395.06A (Survey as Existing – Below Stage & WC Floor Plan) A3

15.1395.05A (Survey as Existing – Ground Floor Plan) A3

15.1395.01A (Location Plan) A4

REVISION ‘B’ Documents

A 2018.04.12 (Schedule of Works Rev_B)

A 2018.04.12 (Schedule of Works Rev_B)

A 2018.04.12 (door & ironmongery schedule rev_B)

A 15_1395 Issue Sheet

Confirmation of Tender Information:

Confirmation of Tender Information 2

REVISION ‘C’ Documents

A 15_1395 Issue Sheet 3

A 2018.04.12 (Schedule of Works Rev_C)