Adopt a Street in Liskeard

Do you love where you live and would like to help keep it looking clean and tidy?

If yes, then this campaign is for you. We are encouraging residents of Liskeard to adopt their street, park or other public space and pledge to keep it looking great. We all need to do our bit for the environment and what a great place to start. Your own street!

The area you choose to adopt can be as small or as large as you like. The time you spend volunteering is up to you. A 30-minute litter pick or weeding can make a difference but so can 5 minutes.

The sense of pride you feel when you see a street looking clean and tidy is amazing. The scheme is open to individuals, schools, businesses and community groups.

All you have to do is sign the online pledge which includes:

    • Telling us which area of land you would like to adopt (public land only e.g. residential streets, footpaths and parks)
    • A promise from you to litter pick your chosen site at least three times a year on dates of your choosing and at your convenience
    • Any litter you collect can be disposed of with your usual black bag collection.

In return for your commitment we will provide you with:

    • Litter pickers which can be collected from the Town Council Offices
    • Guidance on health and safety
    • Send regular newsletters about the Adopt-a-Street scheme

If you’d like to apply to become volunteer you will need to:

Current adopted roads/streets/areas

As people start to sign up to the scheme we will have a list of which roads have been adopted.

Safety Tips

If you’re organising or taking part in a clean up:

  • only work during daylight hours and never walk in the road
  • be aware of traffic at all times
  • wear gloves if handling litter and always wash your hands after litter picking
  • supervise children at all times
  • consider wearing a luminous jacket
  • don’t overfill bags or carry anything too heavy
  • small and often is good for you and great for the environment
  • when weeding only remove plants that are trip hazards or that are likely to become overgrown or unsightly, ensure you have the permission of the landowner

Do Not Remove:

  • syringes or hypodermic needles
  • suspected toxic/hazardous substances

To report drug related litter including needles, syringes and other hazardous items.

If you see large items and fly-tipping, please report it here: Cornwall fly tipping

If you have any questions regarding the Adopt-a-Street scheme please email the Facilities team at