Liskeard Town Council 2022 Archive

The Town Council usually meets every two months and is supported by the Town Clerk, Mr Steve Vinson who can be contacted on .

We are committed to public participation, engagement and consultation. Members of the public are welcome to put their views at a meeting directly to the Council or Committee when local issues are being considered. Full details of speaking at a meeting can be found here. Speaking at Meetings

Our vision for Liskeard

A thriving and inclusive community which serves as the commercial and cultural hub of South East Cornwall

Our Aims

Liskeard Town Council will work towards this vision by taking action directly, in partnership with others, and by using its influence, to deliver the following aims:

  1. Build a strong local community which is proactive, involved, resilient, cohesive and proud of where we live
  2. Support the growth of good quality local jobs and businesses, strengthen the local food and farming sector and attract new investment
  3. Deliver the development priorities which the community has set out in the Neighbourhood Plan
  4. Improve social and leisure facilities in Liskeard
  5. Protect and enhance the culture and heritage of the town
  6. Facilitate the development of transport and technology infrastructure to meet our current and future needs
  7. Promote and market Liskeard as the commercial and cultural centre for South East Cornwall
  8. Develop and promote the Council’s assets for the benefit of the community

In support of these aims we will also:

  • Sustain Liskeard Town Council as an effective and financially sound organisation which is in touch with the needs and wishes of local people
  • Take pride in our Civic duties

Our values

  • We welcome and encourage participation
  • We are proud of Liskeard and optimistic about its future
  • We are here to serve the whole community, especially those in most need
  • We co-operate with others to achieve our goals
  • We focus on getting things done

Council Terms of Reference 2019

PDF versions of agendas and minutes are available below – the signed originals are held at the Town Council office and can be inspected by the public.