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Cattle Market Makers Project – Brand Design and Website Development & Maintenance

Liskeard Town Council wants to commission a Brand Design and Website Development & Maintenance.

For further information please contact Yvette Hayward on office1@liskeard.gov.uk

The closing date for tender submissions is 12:00 on Monday 25th October 2021.

The estimated value of this contract is in the region of £10,000 to £10,500.

Supporting Documents

Invitation to tender 11.10.21

Website Design and Maintenance Tender Document

Responses to clarifications

Budget Split – There is no suggested budget split between brand design and website delivery. Tenderers can put forward their own proposals for the best use of the budget available. (13/10/21)

Options and Alternative Offers – Please clearly state if any options or alternative offer(s) have been made. (13/10/21)

Meet the Makers pages – These can be in the form in which the maker has direct access to update, sell from etc, or a profile page with links to the makers own online platform(s). (13/10/21)

Content and writing – The project will largely supply the content, however an element of copywriting and editing within the brief may be beneficial. (13/10/21)

Information repository – This will be in the format of downloadable information, such as letting criteria, course information etc. We would not expect the website to offer the facility for forms to be completed and submitted online. (13/10/21)

Photographs and visual images – As the project is at inception, there are currently limited visuals available. Some outline designs for the look of the workspace will be available, and tutors when engaged will be able to provide visuals for their courses etc. (13/10/21)

Tone of Voice – This would be beneficial to include. (15/10/21)

Bookings – We would not expect bookings for the shared making spaces (Fab Lab etc) to be made via the website, although display of a calendar showing availability, which can be updated by the project staff would be useful. (15/10/21)

Project Start Up Meeting – This date could be amended if needed – earlier or later. (15/10/21)