Liskeard Town Council Committees Overview

Schedule of Meetings for Civic Year 2017-18

Schedule of Meetings for Civic Year 2016-17

Committee Membership Table 2017-18



Town Council

Mayor: Christina Whitty

Deputy Mayor: Tyler Bennetts

In normal circumstances the Council meets every two months.

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Chair: Tony Powell
Vice Chair: Roger Holmes

The Planning Committee is responsible for planning issues, applications and consultations with other bodies such as Highways.

The Committee normally meets every third week throughout the year, depending on the number of applications received.

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Communications and Engagement

Chair: Rachel Brooks
Vice Chair: Sue Pike

The Communications and Engagement Committee is responsible for the management of the website, Council publications including the Town Crier, the operation of the  Town Information Centre, all aspects of tourism in the town, engagement with the public, the planning of civic events, the upkeep of Council trailer and signage within the town.

The Communication and Engagement Committee is also responsible for conducting and regulating the affairs of the Museum under the strategic direction of the trustees and in accordance with appropriate regulations.

The Committee meets every two months.

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Chair: Ian Goldsworthy
Vice Chair:  David Ambler

The Facilities Committee is responsible for managing the usage, care, maintenance and upkeep of the Public Hall, the Guildhall Complex, the Forrester’s Hall Complex, the Fountain, the War Memorial,  the Pipe Well and Allotments.

The Committee meets every two months.

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Chair: Christina Whitty
Vice Chair:

The Finance and General Purposes Committee is responsible for the co-ordination of and periodic review of the Council’s Strategic Affairs. This includes the preparation of the recommended annual precept, forward financial planning for the Council, the recommendation of capital projects expenditure and the remuneration of the staff. It also includes public safety matters including CCTV liaising with other bodies (Police, Cornwall Council etc), the consideration, recommendations and approval of grants and awards made by the council and the obtaining of grants from outside bodies.

The Committee meets every two months.

See Agendas & Minutes