Support for Young People in Liskeard

Lyskerrys Youth Club

The Lyskerrys youth club usually takes place every Friday evening at the Liskerrett Centre and is run by Young People Cornwall, The Youth Club is free for all aged 11-19 years old.
Groups are split into 2 ages – 11-13 years 5.15-6.45pm / 14-18 years 7-9pm

Tel: Karen Coleman – 07833 141671

Lighthouse Community Centre

The Lighthouse Community Centre is a not for profit company based in Liskeard that provides support services for children, young people and their families in the town and surrounding area.

The organisation runs activities and events that inspire, educate, and help develop skills and confidence for future life. The company runs various workshops and events around the town that are designed to be engaging and fun whilst providing real life learning that is transferable to future employment and life.

Tel: Clare – 07769 848307
Office – 01579 344102

The Dreadnought Centre

The Dreadnought Centre is a registered Charity who have been working for over 40 years with children, young people and their families in Cornwall, who are experiencing difficulties in their lives – be it emotional, behavioural or physical.  Looking behind behaviour and providing support to explore and recognise feelings and emotions. With an ethos and philosophy of offering unconditional acceptance in a non-judgemental environment, providing positive adult role models for young people and enabling them to make decisions for themselves.

The Dreadnought Centre has volunteering opportunities to work alongside young people to help them develop confidence, self-esteem and social skills.

Tel: Jo James – 01209 218764