What the Council Does

Table comparing Town Council and Cornwall Council responsibilities

Town Council Aims Consultation

The Town Council has set its aims for the next three years.

As you’ll see from the table above, most local services are currently provided by Cornwall Town Council aims 1Council. The Town Council has a relatively small budget and limited powers but we want to make the most of what we can do. We can also influence decisions on your behalf and bring together different people and organisations for the good of the town.

You can see the fullĀ  aims and objectives by clicking hereĀ Town Council Aims and Objectives

Liskeard Library consultation

Should Liskeard Town Council consider taking over Liskeard Library?Town Council aims 2

Cornwall Council is currently reviewing its library services. In order to save money Cornwall Council will not be able to provide the same service in the future, and is looking at options including tendering the whole service to be provided by another organisation. We don’t know which way it will go but want to understand if local people think Liskeard Town Council should enter discussions about taking on Liskeard Library if appropriate. In this case we would also be talking to neighbouring parishes to see if they wanted to be involved.

If the Town Council did take it over we would look to extend volunteer time, to increase opening hours and to extend the number of activities and events on offer, if that is what the library users would like.