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The Notice of Poll has now been received and can be viewed here:  Notice of poll – Liskeard Parish NP Referendum 25 October 2018

Observer application forms to observe the Referendum are available here, they should be completed and returned as shown on the form by 18th October:

Observer-appointment-form POSTAL VOTE – Liskeard

Observer-appointment-form POLLING – Liskeard

Observer-appointment-form COUNT – Liskeard


Notice of Referendum – Liskeard Neighbourhood Plan – Thursday 25 October 2018

The Plan is nearly there! Following your input, legal checking, and independent review, the plan needs to go to referendum if it is to come into force.

Now it’s your turn to vote!

Voting 7am to 10pm at your ward polling station.

Voting information helpline 0300 123 1115


Liskeard Town Council has decided that it wants to create the first Liskeard Neighbourhood Plan, and has successfully applied to Cornwall Council to designate the parish of Liskeard as a Neighbourhood Area.

The Neighbourhood Plan for Liskeard is for local people to say where housing should go, where jobs get created, shopping is developed and play spaces increased. It’s this community’s chance to make these important decisions locally.

Local volunteers have been busy putting together a draft plan incorporating your community ideas, which takes Liskeard through to 2030.

Eventually, all Liskeard residents on the electoral roll will get the chance to vote for the Plan in a local referendum.

The project has been driven by community volunteers, supported by the Town Council, and when approved, it is ‘Made’ in law and must be taken into account when planning applications are considered, therefore shaping our town until 2030.


To find out more about our Neighbourhood Plan visit the website here.